Suit Saver is a chlorine remover. Suit Saver is GUARANTEED to get the chlorine out of your swimwear after swimming!

Protect your swimwear today and enjoy swimming in your favorite swimsuit longer.

Remove the chlorine and save the swimsuit. Start using Suit Saver today!

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Suit Saver chlorine remover was developed in 1994 by scientists who are avid swimmers. Our swimsuits were disintegrating in 4 weeks of lap swimming, so we developed Suit Saver chlorine remover for swimwear. Learn how Suit Saver can make your swimsuit last longer. It is quick and easy to use and economical.

Suit Saver chorine remover is specifically designed to remove 99.9% of residual chlorine from swimwear after swimming to extend swimwear life, protect color and elasticity.. Guaranteed!

Try our new "Swimmer's Natural Soap," it gently removes the chlorine from your skin while moisturizing your skin with natural vegetable oils of coconut, palm and Shea Butter. Our soaps are hypo-allergenic, do not contain detergents or synthetic foaming agents. Lightly scented in lavender or lemon verbena. No SLS, SLes, parabens or animal products.

Maximize your swimsuit's potential.




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